Route 66 Motor Speedway

The city of Amarillo, TX, can be recognized for a number of things and reasons. Some people might know the town for the Big Texan and its 72oz Steak Challenge that is so widely publicized. Others might know it for its involvement in Route 66. Surprisingly, some might actually be familiar with Amarillo due to the lively racing scene in the community. Amarillo is home to at least eight different race tracks and has a lesser-known, smaller history revolving around the sport. 

In 1994, the Route 66 Motor Speedway was handed over to Bill Worthen to host a summer racing event on June 25th, which was during the first days of the track’s life. When it was officially opened, swarms of visitors interested in racing would gather to watch races. The track is made of clay and runs for ⅜ of a mile. The facility was built to hold up to 4,000 and hosts events beginning in April for some fun in the sun. The track is closed to the public in the wintertime, and no events take place during the cold months. Wanna check out a race? Visit the Route 66 Motor Speedway at 4101 TX-335 Loop, Amarillo, TX 79118.

The track has hosted many events since opening and countless race competitions featuring five types of vehicles, including modifieds, limited modifieds, Sprint cars, street stocks, limited late models, and tuners are the styles listed on the organization’s Facebook page. It has seen and hosted people with race cars coming from 17 different states and continues to take part in events for charity. Route 66 Motor Speedway is a track where both the United States Modified Touring Services and the American Sprint Car Series host racing events. The track saw its 15 minutes of fame when MavTV came out to film races when American Sprint Car Series ran their first races at the venue. 

Route 66 Motor Speedway hosts its G.W. Elkins Memorial Sprint show, in which many of the older racers in the community come out to take part in the fun. It has also provided charitable services to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Meals on Wheels as well as working with none other than Pokey the Clown. This special character was played by local Vietnam Veteran Doug Smith, who wanted to raise money for charity and started putting on Pokey the Clown's WRCA Jr. Ranch Rodeo World Championship in 1996, where he would create stick horses and continue with them, hopping along with them as if he were riding them. Smith retired the character and his rodeo in 2015.

For family days of fun, take them to the Route 66 Motor Speedway! On the organization's website, you can find a schedule featuring the dates and times of events being held at the track. There is a weekly race at the track every Saturday, so be sure to check it out. The cost of admission is $15 for adults and $5 for kids between five and eleven normally.

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Map from Route 66 Motor Speedway to William Wheeler, Amarillo REALTOR

Map from Route 66 Motor Speedway to Rolling Hills Riding Club