Rolling Hills Riding Club

Panhandle history wouldn’t be what it is without the presence and use of horses in the region. Many see this part of America as a place that was and still is abundant with cowboys, farmers, and ranchers. While it’s not entirely true that these kinds of people no longer inhabit the place, the area is not what it used to be. A common misconception by a lot of people from other states outside of Texas is that everyone rides horses as a form of transportation. Horses are still very prevalent in the region, and riding and racing them is actually quite popular. However, using horses as a primary form of transportation has somewhat died out with some exceptions. 

Horse owners and lovers of the equestrian can find an excellent venue to go to ride and participate in events in north Amarillo at the Rolling Hills Riding Club. Located at 5901 Sierra Hills Rd, Amarillo, TX 79124. According to the organization’s website, this club was brought into the picture by Roy Beals in his home in 1961, where he held a meeting to begin a club. A guest speaker, Mr. Wickers of the Will Rogers Range Riders, had a lot to say about the activities of the club, ground rules, and by-laws and took part in establishing this organization. 

The club was officially formed after the meeting was adjourned, and a board of Officers for the Rolling Hills Riding Club was elected by members. A man named Pete Hudson was chosen to be president, with Ray Beals as his vice president and a man named Curly Lemley in the position of secretary/treasurer. Following this election, the name Rolling Hills Riding Club was given to the organization, and began operations. Members were required to pay a $25 initiation fee on top of an annual membership that costs $50 every year to maintain. As the development of the club continued, members hosted meetings for the organization at their place of residence.

The venue was first opened when it was rented out to various people for their events as well as hosting the Cowpunchers Clubhouse banquets. It also began serving the public with trail rides. By the time the club acquired seven acres for the establishment of the location of the club in February of 1962, the organization had established a board of directors to upkeep the property. Encompassing seven acres, a water well was located on the southwest corner of what was known as Section 16 of the land. By March of that same year, the entrance to the facility located on Western Street was opened, and the club was presented its by-laws and read its Treasurer’s report the next month. 

Expanding into a non-profit organization is no easy task, and the club decided to dedicate the rest of that year to transforming into one. By January of the next year, the non-profit status of the club came into effect, and the club borrowed $30,000 to buy more acres of land lying north of the club so that they could construct a clubhouse. The clubhouse was 40 X 100 ft, and the money was spread out over the course of 15 years for development. Visit the club for an event and become a member if you are interested.

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