Jack Sisemore RV Museum and Storage

Travel is one of the best ways to culture yourself. People have been practicing travel more lucratively since the invention of automobiles, but the creation of the RV is where things really started to kick off. At the Jack Sisemore RV Museum located at 14501 I-27, Amarillo, TX 79119, you can view, interact with, and learn all about the history of RV’s as well as motorsports since the Amarillo Motorsports Museum combined with the Jack Sisemore RV Museum.

This museum was started by, you guessed it, Jack Sisemore. He, along with his son Trent who is a former mayor of Amarillo, began collecting interesting motorhomes they found appealing in the 80s. Sisemore had also opened a gas station and channeled his love of motorhomes and RVs into it, later adding a section in which he would rent motorhomes. This business grew into something bigger, and Jack eventually ditched the gas station side of business altogether to sell RVs full-time. This store was named Jack Sisemore’s Traveland and garnered much attention in the Amarillo area as it is a very well-known business. 

As the father and son pair’s collection of motorhomes continued to grow, they came up with the generous idea to open a free-to-the-public museum to share their findings with whoever wanted. When you are driving into the city of Amarillo from the south, you will eventually come across Jack Sisemore RV Museum on the right side. Originally, the museum was on display in a building located on historic Route 66. That facility was too small for the duo’s growing collection, so they moved to the new warehouse, which is much more fitting and comfortable. Collections from both the RV museum and the motorsports museum have been combined to form one big exhibit.

Jack and his son obtained their first motorhomes in the 80s when they acquired a 1962 Bambi Airstream as well as a classic teardrop camper. Almost every single RV, motorhome, and camper the pair collected was restored by them, with the exception of a few that came in good condition. Some quite memorable finds at this museum include the actual RV that was featured and used in the 2006 movie featuring Robin Williams called RV. Fun fact: Robin Williams had to undergo extensive training to learn to operate the vehicle, but Jeff Daniels, leading actor, showed the director just how well he knew how to drive an RV by driving his very own from Michigan to British Columbia for filming. 

The collection also features the rarest version of an Airstream Torpedo, which was built as one of the first in 1935. The motorhome was assembled using lumber from a yard and a $5 blueprint. It belonged to the family that built it for 81 years until the Sisemores came into ownership of it. 

The museum is approximately 18,000 square feet in size, and visitors are greeted by a vertical display of three Harley Davidson motorcycles that are part of Sisemore’s personal collection. Dale Cross was an Amarillo Motorsports Hall of Famer that opened the Amarillo Motorsports Museum. Now that the two are combined, the collection features an even wider variety of vehicles to observe and learn about. The museum is open Thursday through Saturday from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm, but it is encouraged that visitors call ahead before they go out to make sure.

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